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Tide (Chapter 10)

Title: Tide
Band(s)/Artist(s): alice nine
Genre: Drama/Romance/AU (1980s)
Pairing: None in this chapter
Rating: R overall
Warnings: Language, disturbing content, some sexual content
Disclaimer: ALL FICTION. The band members own themselves.
Special Thanks: sc_wolf10k
Status: In progress

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Nao finally made his way home after a crazy night of fun with the boys. He yawned heavily while realizing the time on his digital wristwatch. The struggle to stay awake was still at large. His prying curiosity of Hiroto’s date with Yoshihiko grew, but the nagging thought of Tora reminding him to make Hiroto call him stayed afloat. Exhaling softly he older man pulled out the keys from his left jean pocket. He could hardly contain the excitement of telling his brother everything that happened, even if it meant speaking of what worried him less.

Once his hand was on the doorknob, he twisted it slowly, his smile dropping while he opened the door. For a brief second he wondered if Hiroto came early and forgot to lock it or…
The eerie feelings from before were returning at a higher level. The mere thought of fear was the last on Nao’s mind. But he couldn’t help them anymore. “Hiroto?” he called out as soon as he walked in. His voice lowered when he later said, “I’m home…”

Nao closed the door, taking a few footsteps before noticing his younger brother’s foot nearby. The assumption crawling in his mind was Hiroto following a very old habit of sleeping on the floor. “Lazy boy,” he said softly. “I thought he was over that filthy habit…Hiroto get--!”

He went closer to the body of his younger brother, only to find him naked, unconscious, and a small puddle of blood seeping the floor. His eyes widened in horror at the sight, backing away before rushing to the telephone. His shaking fingers dialed the emergency number 110, praying that someone would quickly answer.

“Someone answer the damn phone!” Nao shouted while fighting his tears. “Oh my God…Hiroto…stay alive for me…stay the hell alive for God’s sake!”

His pleading with the receiver was granted in a couple of seconds as the voice of the dispatcher reached his ear. He was still panicking about Hiroto bleeding to death. He didn’t care about anything else since then. He just wanted his brother to survive whatever beating he took.

Nami straightened herself several minutes before entering the lush penthouse she shared with her single mother. The hurtful words that shot out of his mouth made her believe whatever kind of fate Hiroto deserved. Yes, she admitted that she cheated on him but in her slightly distorted mind that kind of treatment was disrespectful to her.

It’s over, Nami! Get out!


She rolled her eyes scoffing a simple word of “fucker,” trying not to have any regrets for her actions, even if it meant leaving a now ex-boyfriend to die. It had been a long night for the girl. With a stiff yawn she headed upstairs wanting to sleep the whole night off.

“Ah! Welcome home, Nami!” her mother called out to her.

“Not now, Mom,” Nami said almost groggily and avoided giving her at least a small glimpse. Her vocal tone was also harsh in the response. “I don’t want you or any other train wreck trying to disturb my sleep. I’ve had a very long night. Goodnight.”

Nami’s mother, Rin Hiromi, was a woman in her early forties. She had a full head black hair with a few gray strands tied in a bun that matched her barely wrinkled round face. Her fair-colored skin nearly matched the color of the robe snuggling her five-foot-one inch frame. Rumor has it Rin carried two personalities every time she added either a little or a lot of makeup. The tone now coming out of her mouth at her daughter’s rudeness proved the rumors about her to be true.

“Nami!” Rin called out again while keeping her emotions from spreading out. That stopped her daughter for a few minutes. “You come down those stairs right now and apologize to me.” She watched Nami glare at her, and she took notice. It did not faze her. “I am your mother, not your little popular friends nor your boyfriend. Do you understand that?”

“Why the hell should I come down there?” Nami snapped. “Did you hear what I just said?”

“I heard you the first time and I don’t like that tone of voice, young lady,” Rin retorted. She glanced at a red spot on Nami’s hand, wondering where that came from since she had never seen it before. “What’s that on your hand?”

“What?” Nami asked look down at her hand. Shit! She thought she had washed all of her ex-boyfriend’s blood off her hands. She quickly hid it from her mother’s sight. “Nothing. I’m going to bed.”

“It doesn’t look like nothing to me. What happened, Nami?”

“I said nothing! Leave me alone!” Nami stormed to her room slamming the door shut behind her.

Yoshihiko had finally managed to go to sleep in her own bed dreaming about Hiroto again. But the dream was having felt like a scary omen as her heart was beating slower and slower. Her eyes were clenched shut in reaction to the image she was beginning to see.


Her voice made the shorter figure turn his head. His bangs covered his eyes alongside a small smile to make her feel more at ease. “Yoshi…” he whispered. “You look lovely.”

The sadness in his voice was evident to her. Something or someone must have happened to make him sound like that. “Hiroto…what’s wrong?” she asked, trying to come closer. But she found herself remaining in the exact same place she stood. What she witnessed scared her more than anything.

His tears were not the usual color seen on everyone else. They were red, thick, and messing up the perfect skin he was born with (or so Yoshihiko thought). Wiping them away, a ringing sound was enabled as his cheek started to rip apart…

Yoshihiko quickly opened her eyes hearing the phone ringing like mad. She took a deep breath and let it all out while hopping out of the bed. Running into the living room Yoshihiko quickly picked up the phone in order to stop the phone’s incessant sound.

“Hello?” she answered quiet. Her mother and sister came in moments later and still unaware.

“Yoshi!” It was Nao on the other end of the line. He sounded out of breath while trying to say more. “Thank…goodness it’s you…”

From the sound of that alone, along with the sounds of the location of a hospital, it was not good. “Nao? What’s the matter? What happened?”

“Hiroto…he’s…he’s…” Nao tried to find the right words to say, trying not to choke on them.

“Spit it out!”

“I’ve found Hiroto bleeding to death, Yoshi.”

Yoshihiko’s eyes widened at the news. The dream she had told her it became a real life nightmare! She had to leave her home right now. “Which hospital are you at?” she inquired.

“Saint Thom—“

Yoshihiko cut him off, knowing where that was. “I’ll be right there,” she said and hung up the phone. She rushed into the bedroom to put on a blue shirt, which was backwards but she didn’t care at this point, a pair of Levi’s blue jeans, and red Converse hi-tops.

“Yoshi, where are you going at this time?” Rumiko queried. Her tone was groggy as Aika clung to her robe.

“To the hospital,” Yoshihiko answered whilst heading toward the front door of the family’s apartment. “Don’t even think about trying to stop me.”

“What’s wrong?” Aika asked as she stared at her older sister with big eyes.

“I’ll explain later, Aika. I gotta go.”

Without another word, Yoshihiko tried to run out of the apartment, but only to be stopped by her mother’s rather hard grasp on her wrist. It was no surprise that Rumiko would do something like this in her groggy, let alone sleepwalking, moments. “Mom, let go!” she begged, nearly stumbling to the floor. “I have to see him right now!”

“You’re not going anywhere, Yoshihiko!” Rumiko said angrily, examining her eldest daughter’s face. Turning around to see Aika still standing there, almost to the brink of crying, she had no choice but to keep her voice down. “Your eyes are red from exhaustion, let alone stand up straight! Why do you want to go to the hospital that badly?”

Yoshihiko was unable to maintain her composure after that response. She hadn’t heard anything like that since Shou fought incessantly with his parents. In spite that it happened a few years ago over petty things, that moment was nothing compared to now. “You don’t understand, Mom!” she snapped, eventually scaring her little sister. “He…” Once she tried to speak, the blood was pumping straight up to her brain. Dizziness was spreading, including the gradual blurring of her vision. “He…needs me…” were the soft, desperate words that came from her mouth before she collapsed.

“Yoshi!” Rumiko caught her daughter in her slender arms, wondering whom she was talking about. It couldn’t be that boy she told her about…or could it? She glanced at her youngest daughter, who had been sniffling for a brief moment. “Help me take your sister to her room, sweetheart,” the mother said calmly. Her tone quickly turned into reassurance. “Everything will be fine. I promise.”

Aika wiped her tears away and assisted Rumiko with a small nod. She was currently at a loss for words, but kept believing that hope of Yoshihiko being okay.


A/N: The long wait for a new chapter of Tide is finally over! With some help and the evils of school and delays being brushed aside, it's been posted!

A/N #2: 5/5/2010 - I did some revising near the end of the story. I wasn't fully satisfied with the original version. ^^;

Feel free to give me some constructive feedback! :D


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