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Birthday Wish

Title: Birthday Wish
Fandom: UnsraW
Genre: Erotica/Romance
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Sexual content including various acts of BDSM, language
Pairing: Yuuki x OFC
Summary: "What I want for my birthday...is for you to be my bitch."
For: atriums/miseishi
As seen in: -
Status: Complete
Disclamier: Don't own anyone but the female. XD
A/N: Happy Birthday Bunneh! :D

A few years have passed since Hilde and Yuuki exchanged their wedding vows. Those years have been filled with unrequited love, spontaneous adventures, and a very healthy sex life. But their marriage was also quite problematic and tumultuous. They remembered the obsessive, possessive, and crazy fan girls who were not quite happy with the announcement Yuuki made on stage. Several security guards had to surround the band and Hilde for safety purposes after one of their nightly concerts. This particularly frightening incident, specifically some girls wanting to kill Hilde for taking Yuuki away from them, had her fearing for her life.

It had been weeks since that fiasco covered the front page of almost every Visual Kei magazine in Japan. Yuuki wore nothing but a pair of men’s skinny jeans while remaining comfortably seated. His hair looked like he had just woken up from a haunting nightmare. His face and ears were mostly free from his own piercings, for he did not feel the mood to wear most of them. He was reading quietly, grumbling at the latest SHOXX issue’s take on the matter through its gossip column. He tossed it across the room in blatant disgust, really hoping that his wife’s name would not be mentioned for the sake of privacy. “Fucking bastards,” he cursed taking a deep breath to cool down. Hilde's hips caught his eye as he drank her beautiful figure like a sweet wine through the kitchen door.

The red Gothic Lolita apron wrapped tightly about her waistline as she continued cutting the vegetables in preparation for their afternoon meal. She forced herself to be careful not to cut her fingers, but tension continued to run high through its course within her body. The sound of Yuuki’s anger was apparent enough to make her shudder and not say another word. She wondered if it was all her fault for this madness to happen. If so, she asked herself why without many words after it. She was unaware of Yuuki’s gaze, for she was too busy being occupied with her thoughts and cooking.

Yuuki stood up from his seat, making his way toward the kitchen slowly. He crept up behind Hilde with a sexy grin. Snaking his arms around her waist caused her to jump a little. “I’m sorry, baby,” he said to her. Kissing her cheek affectionately, he later combed through the strands of her hair with his slender fingers. “Did I scare you?”

Hilde let out a deep breath. She gradually released her hold on the knife while setting it down on the cutting board. “Jesus Christ, Yuuki!” she responded. The nerve-stricken woman leaned her head back against his shoulder. “Don’t ever do that again.” At the same time, the brunette was also relieved that it was him rather than a random crazy person popping out of nowhere. “Lunch won’t be ready until another hour, if that’s what you’re going to ask.”

The taller blonde chuckled softly. He tilted her head gently to the side with his, gaining access to her neck. “I wasn’t even thinking about lunch, love.” He sucked on the soft skin, finding her taste more intoxicating than food at the moment.

“Oh…” Hilde was a bit confused now. Before uttering another word she hissed in a pleasurable response to his suckling. “Then what are you thinking about, my handsome vampire?”

“I want to have some fun on your birthday today,” he smirked.

The words made Hilde’s eyes snap wide open. She could not believe she had forgotten her own birthday! “Oh shit…” she groaned, slapping her forehead hard enough to leave a small red mark.

“What’s wrong?”

She turned around to face her beloved husband. “I have completely forgotten about my own birthday! Those bitch-ass fan girls! Ugh! Why can’t they get over the fucking fact that I’m married to you? And I damn them to hell for making me forget my own special day!”

Yuuki noticed the sadness mixed with fright and frustration on Hilde’s round facial features. He wrapped his arm around her tenderly, pulling her close to his bare chest. “Now now, Hilde,” he said in a soothing voice as he caressed her cheek. “I wouldn’t let my fans get to you so much.” He rubbed one of her shoulders with his other hand gently. “Honey…you’re really tense, and on your birthday no less. You need to relax.”

“If this fiasco hadn’t occurred a couple of weeks ago, I would be so stress-free right now.” His somewhat comforting words weren’t helping her in the least. But his amorous embrace was a good start for the time being.

“Be glad the guys and I were able to get you out of there safely.” He loosened the ties from the back of Hilde’s apron, letting the strings and top fall from her recently bare chest. “What do you want for your birthday?” he inquired while admiring her half-naked form. “Would you prefer a night around town with dinner and a movie?”

Hilde shook her head at the suggestion. “Now is not a good time for that. I’m still nervous about what would happen to me later on.” She kept her arms to her side, snickering at his gaze on her cutely.

“Don’t worry,” Yuuki said. “I’m here with you.” He snuggled her protectively in his arms. “Besides me being your fine, sexy bodyguard, what else do you have in mind?”

“The word ‘sexy’ is a big understatement to describe you.” Hilde began to smile a tad more at the mere sight of him. That dissolute, ravenous look on his face was seducing her marvelously, if not too devious. The particular expression gave her an even better idea for a birthday present. Before now she established it to be outrageous, but not quite new to it. The small fantasy she had of Yuuki was inspired by watching a few of her other former co-workers do this sort of sexual love play…with their clients…right in front of her face.

The thought of doing that to him was turning her on. Why not spice up their sex life to newer heights?

“You know, Yuuki?”

“Yes, baby?” Yuuki listened to his wife with full intent.

“I think I do want something spicy for my birthday this time.”

Yuuki raised his pierced eyebrow. “Name it.”

A devious smirk crept up in the corners of Hilde’s mouth, pressing her naked chest against his. “For my birthday…I want you to be my bitch.”

What Hilde really wanted from Yuuki shocked him. He wasn’t exactly sure if that was the gift he wanted to give her. “Did I hear you right, dear? You want to fuck me?”

“Yeah.” Hilde flashed a wicked smile as she closed the small, open space between them. She loved his reaction to the wish. She could strongly hope if he would be able to give it to her. “I’ve always dreamed about fucking your ass with a strap-on for a long time. I can already imagine listening to you screaming my name…” The thought of hearing him scream in bliss sent chills down her spine. “Oh, baby! Please grant me this gift!”

Yuuki chuckled as he pressed his soft lips aligned with hers. “It is your birthday, my sweet Hilde. I’ll let you be my mistress for the night.” He took her hand in his, leading her to their marital bedroom.

As they entered the said room, it was big enough to be a rich rock star’s den. The beige-colored walls were filled with various posters of Japanese and American rock bands. A 32-inch flat screen television, rich in high definition, was nicely placed on top of a black six-drawer dresser. On each side, a fully bloomed red rose was inside a small ceramic vase. Both of these well-made vases were accessorized with a few pieces of cubic zirconium at the center that had the first letters of their names. To top the room off, a pair of sheer black curtains sheltered the windows so no one could see them in their most private moments…or so they hoped.

“You’re really looking forward to this, aren’t you?” Yuuki had to inquire while heading over to the dresser.

“Absolutely!” Hilde squealed, sneaking a swift kiss on his shoulder.

He pulled out a red plastic bag with a note card on top of it. He gave her a cute grin, handing the bag to Hilde. “Then you’ll love these two gifts. Go ahead, open it,” he told her.


The eager young woman read the note card first: “To the one I love with all my heart.” His own signature was included.

She was in awe at the charming words as she smiled. Setting the card down on the dresser, she fumbled with the bag, trying her best to open it. “Those are some tight knots…” After a bit of struggling, the bag was finally opened to reveal her brand new gifts. “Oh my God! Honey…” She pulled out a black vinyl harness out. Its attachment was a five-inch long anal probe colored in crystal pink. But that wasn’t the only thing in the bag. A bottle of cherry lubrication made to flavor couples’ romantic lives. Hilde held her tears back, hugging him close. “Thank you!”

“Happy Birthday, baby,” Yuuki said to her softly. Stroking her hair, he nipped at the bottom line of her lower lip. “Let’s see how the strap-on looks on you first.”

“Sure,” Hilde nodded. She wasted no time ripping the set from its designed cardboard backing. It had been a while since she had worn one of these. The last time this happened was when she had met her husband a third time. “Man…this is bringing back a lot of memories.” The strap-on fitted perfectly around her waist once it was rightfully adjusted to her liking. But the apron that remained on her just didn’t feel right. She unbuttoned the sides of the clothing and tossed it aside, completely unprotected for his vision.

“Same here,” Yuuki simper at the naked woman. “I remember us meeting each other again at that S&M club. Weren’t you wearing that while you were still working as a hostess?”

Hilde laughed and nodded, “And the dick-shaped lollipop as an attachment. I also remember the customers coming here for the club’s anniversary just to suck on those things. Being tipped really well helps a lot. Oh yeah!” She began to unzip and unfasten the other’s pants before pulling them down, looking up at his half-hardened member. “You’ve gotten so jealous of the other customers too.”

“Only a little…but that’s because I wanted a taste of you,” Yuuki admitted as he stepped out of the jeans.

“And you got it from me, your wife, every single time we have sex,” she chuckled. “Now get on the bed like a good little boy.”

“Little boy…” The vocalist rolled his eyes and hopped onto the bed. “Little man would’ve been more fitting.”

“Oh hush and roll over,” she demanded, instantaneously joining him on the bed.

“Yes, ma’am.” He managed to roll over for her, his tight, exposed ass in Hilde’s full view.

“Okay, ‘little man’,” Hilde joked. “Now the real fun begins…”

Her hands slowly trailed down his shoulders and back, massaging them to undo the tension of his muscles. Poor Yuuki, she thought. My man is all frazzled out…I shall fix that. Licking her upper lip she rested her hands on his ass, pinching both cheeks with his fingers. The sweet moans from him suddenly made her slightly wet. “Did that hurt?”

“No…” he replied. Her hands were smooth as silk to him. That kind of touch only made his body beg for more. “Do it again…”

She frowned at the man, whacking his bottom hard with her palm. She smiled as she noticed him jump and hiss lightly. “What was that, Yuuki?” she later spoke, not caring if her hand turned red as a result of her action.

“Please…do it again, ma’am…” he breathed, pleading in a more polite tone.

A soft, discontented sigh escaped from Hilde. Yuuki’s plea was not acceptable to her liking. “Louder, please,” she commanded sternly, spanking his ass twice as hard.

The man’s jaw hung open as a flourish of pain and pleasure raced all the way through him. “Please rub my ass with your smooth hands, Mistress…”

“That’s a good little man,” Hilde grinned as she lightly soothed him with her other hand. She took a short glance at her discolored hand. To her, she never knew that his bottom was getting rigid. It hurt. But it was not to the point of accidentally breaking one’s own hand, which was a very fortunate thing. She moved it to the stiff dildo, surrounding it with her palm and fingers. There was a growing realization to how much it cooled her hand with it momentarily. She bit her lip, stroking the one and a half-inch wide artificiality with a contented sigh.

“Do you hear that lovely sigh, darling?” she moaned happily. “I’m just like you now…”

Yuuki swallowed the short pain he endured from her smacks. However, he was happy to hear her moan like that. He felt himself getting harder, and lying on his stomach was only making his length ache. “Mistress…”

“Hm?” Hilde began to bend forward to listen.

“May I sit up?”


“My cock is hurting me at this angle…”

“Roll over to your side. I want to see if you’re telling the truth.”

Yuuki rolled over, exposing his rock hard cock to Hilde.

She gazed at it for a moment, then gazing at him. “Someone is very horny. I guess you want to be fucked right now…” Her fingers flicked at the twitching shaft. “Is that right?”

He nodded quickly, cringing at her tapping. “I want you right now, Mistress…”

“Without saying please? You’re one pathetic pet, Yuuki. Get on all fours.”

Yuuki did just that, wagging his butt mischievously in front of her. “I’m at your command, darling.”

After giving a light pinch to his thigh, Hilde began to spread his ass cheeks wider. The view of his entrance was very appealing to her. She pondered many things she could do to it. Two choices came to mind: fingering him with the cherry lubricant or simply taking him. It sucked that she was unable to make up her mind right away. “Yuuki…what shall I do with this pretty little glory hole of yours?” she asked him. “I’ll let that be your choice.”

Yuuki thought carefully of what he wanted. Truthfully he would rather fuck her to oblivion and give her a baby. But the last time he checked, it was still Hilde’s time to do whatever she wanted. He began to wonder what it would be like to be fucked in the ass by a woman with her strap-on. His inquisitiveness was starting to get the best of him now. The urge of being taken by her plagued him in seconds. “Please fuck me now, Mistress…” he pleaded loud enough for Hilde to hear.

Hilde reached for the lube, smirking as she squeezed some of the cold liquid onto her hand. The teasing on her part made her grin wickedly, rubbing the sweet smelling substance all over her new dildo. “Don’t be so impatient,” she mentioned. “You’ll get your wish.” Once the dildo was slick, she slowly inserted two of her fingers into his puckered entrance with such ease.

Yuuki whimpered as his tightness milked at her fingers. He felt himself being stretched open to her satisfaction. Those digits of hers going in and out of him forced him to jerk his head back in pleasure. “Mistress…” His hips suddenly moved around, as if he was assisting her until he felt relaxed enough to take the actual object. “I want to be fucked…”

“So soon, my pet?” Hilde was enjoying herself too much on her special day. Nonetheless, she believed he was finally well-prepared to be impaled by the length attached to her harness. Taking her fingers out of him, she wiped the stains off her fingers on the comforter. “No need to keep you suffering any longer, is there?” She chortled, positioning the tip of her sex toy dangerously close to his entrance. “Here’s your reward.” She pushed it in almost quickly, then holding still for Yuuki to let his inner muscles get adjusted.

His cries of pain echoed the bedroom while gripping the pillow in front of him. He slackened the hold once the pain had turned into relaxing pleasure. “Thank you, Mistress…”

Glad to hear that her husband was okay and thanking her, Hilde carefully pulled out of him. She kept the tip inside right before pushing back in. The speed in her thrusts increased, listening to the sound of their skins coming together in sexual unison. She breathed slowly, hearing her beloved’s groans of ecstasy while having a strong grasp on his trim hips. Inclining forward she plunged deeper into him, hitting the intimate and sweet spot within his body. “Scream my name, Yuuki.”

Yuuki quickly rested his head on the same pillow, bringing the hand away from the object to grab a hold of his own manhood. This amazing new sensation was more than he ever imagined. Alongside the gradually shallow breathing and grunting to the woman’s thrusts, he began to stroke himself at a fast pace. “Hilde!” he later said aloud under her order. “I can’t hold it…”

“Don’t just say it, slutty bitch. Scream it!” The domineering Hilde pounded into her husband with full force over and over again, hearing his lust-filled screams all over the entire room. “I won’t let you cum until you do!”

“HILDE!” Yuuki screamed even louder, not caring if it disturbed the neighbors. He was having a lot of fun being dominated this way. The corners of his mouth curved into a tiny smile. The buildup within his stomach told him he was getting really close to release. He jerked off faster, extremely eager that Hilde will allow him to let go.

Hilde’s thrusts remained the same, showing no signs of slowing down while biting her lower lip. “Now you may cum, darling…Let it all go…” she finally spoke softly.

Yuuki welcomed just a few more of her powerful thrusts as his body jerked with a low groan. His warm, thick seed shot heavy spurts onto the comforter and his own hand.

Hilde slowly pulled her dildo out of him, letting him collapse on the bed to regain his inhalation at a normal rate. She loosened the adjustments of her strap-on before tossing it onto the floor. “Careful,” she said jokingly. “You’ll get soaked in your own cum.”

“Gee thanks…” Yuuki answered. He rolled over on his back to see her. Taking her hand in his he pulled her close, crushing her lips with his in a fervent kiss. “That was so pleasantly unexpected…”

“I’m glad you have fun,” Hilde grinned merrily.

“Thank you,” he said. The feeling of soreness tingled in his entrance. More fun like what he had experienced the very first time would have to wait until it fully subsided.

“You’re welcome.” She blinked for a second, finally remembering the secret surprise she wanted to tell Yuuki. “Oh yes…there’s something else that you have already given me for my birthday as well. I just never got to tell you until now.”

Yuuki blinked at Hilde, surrendering her with his temperate embrace. “Oh? What do you mean, sweetheart?” This kind of news interested him. “Tell me.”

“I’m pregnant,” Hilde announced, her voice overflowing with cheer.

Yuuki was indeed surprised at the wonderful news. He sat up with a big smile on his face, especially when he was about to be a father. “That’s great, Hilde!” He sat up quickly and hugged her tight, refusing to let go for one second. “How far are you in the pregnancy, Mommy? And why didn’t you tell me this before?”

Hilde giggled at the word “Mommy.” No matter how true that sounded, it had a very nice ring to her future role. “It’s been four weeks and counting, Daddy. I’ll admit that I was quite scared to death. I thought you’d be very upset with me getting pregnant.”

Yuuki shook his head and laughed. “Hilde, that’s silly. I would never be mad at you for something like that. I’m very happy that we’re going to have a baby period.”

Hilde had never felt so relieved in her life. Resting her head against her loving husband’s shoulder she kissed his cheek dotingly. “I love you so much, Yuuki…” she told him.

“I love you too, Hilde,” Yuuki replied, laying his head on her chest.

As they continued to hold their sweaty bodies close, Yuuki wondered if he should tell the recent news to the fans. But after what happened after his band’s recent concert, it would be safe not to. He would rather have his wife and unborn child protected by his own hands.


This is definitely different from the way I've been writing smut. XD I also find it quite hilarious for some reason. Feedback is always good. :)


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May. 25th, 2010 02:44 am (UTC)
I was giggling the entire time I read this, because I just couldn't take it seriously. XD Not something I imagine Yuuki doing, y'know? *giggles*

Thaaaaaaaaaaaank youse~~ :3

And PS! My new writing journal is distortedwomb.

*lolz self to deth* XDD
May. 25th, 2010 03:33 am (UTC)
You are welcomez. XD You should've seen me letting out a few giggles while writing it. XDDD
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