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Inside Beauty

Title: Inside Beauty
Fandom: the Gazette
Genre: General/Romance
Rating: PG
Warnings: Adult themes and alcohol drinking
Pairing: Uruha x OFC
Summary: Sachi Sano was once a reporter for a visual kei magazine. While following her current dreams as an aspiring singer and model, she had always been at war with herself. But a member from a famous band believes otherwise.
For: My friend Sammy
As seen in: Zansatsu Fiction website
Status: Complete
Disclamier: I don't own Uruha of the Gazette. Sachi Sano was used with permission from her creator.
A/N: First time writing Uruha as the main member. ^^;

Inside Beauty
By Sumire Akami

It was a typical day for Sachi Sano, especially after a hard day’s work of modeling and singing for eight hours. The young spiky auburn-haired and pale-skinned woman, twenty years of age, had been wearing punk attire as a part of her modeling gig. It covered most of her feminine and slender figure, and the spiked bracelets decorated both of her wrists. The accentuated well with her short, black “Rock or Die” printed t-shirt. The pair of blue skinny jeans defined her hips and legs perfectly. The red hi-top sneakers on her feet finished the edgy look without too much trouble.

But there was more to her life than living a routine full-time schedule. She had been at war with herself for as long as she could remember. Most of the people who knew her best found her to be beautiful. Sachi thought differently, despite the positive comments about her looks. Comparing herself to the rest of the people in her surroundings, she always believed she was atrocious.



Enough to make a cute animal throw itself into a blender.

Sachi was used to let those feelings get to her. She suffered when it came to not being good enough for anything. It stayed rooted to her spirit while walking home.

A man with a heavy guitar case in tow was walking in her direction, trying to head home by using a different method: walking. “I wish I had my bike with me,” he sighed. The light-brown locks slightly blinded his vision, and then quickly moved the strands away with a free hand. The five-foot-nine individual stopped his own trail, noticing a familiar female just several feet away. The memory he had of her surfaced, wondering if it was that one female who interviewed him several months ago. Devoid of second thoughts, he strode over to the youthful woman.

“Excuse me, Miss?” were the first words he said to her.

Sachi nearly bumped into the figure accidentally, and promptly apologized.

“I’m so sorry,” she bowed. “I should’ve watched where I was going.” She was too embarrassed to lift her head after that mess-up.

The guitarist noticed the expression of mortification on her visage and laughed softly. Placing a free hand lightly on her shoulder, he flashed his pearly whites. He stared straight into Sachi’s chocolate brown eyes. It was almost easy for him to get lost into those orbs.

“No need to apologize,” he replied, taking his hand back. “Forgive me for asking an awkward question, but have I seen you before?”

Sachi was confused by the inquiry. “We’ve met?” she questioned back. “Where?”

He frowned a little at the answer. Coming closer, he almost closed the small gap between them. Pursing his lips briefly, he replied respectfully, “You gave me an interview for a double issue of SHOXX several months ago.” He paused for a moment, only to remember the specific months the said magazine was for. “The June/July issue, if that’s right.”

Sachi’s eyes lit up once the recurring memory of that interview resurfaced. “Was it also a fashion special in relation to h.NAOTO?”

“That’s it,” the taller one confirmed.

Oh my god, she thought. It really was him! Awkward silence waved over her for a moment. “You’re Uruha, guitarist of the GazettE, right?”

“You finally remember me,” Uruha grinned. “And I still have that issue. I love your writing! Your wording is brilliant and honest, especially the interview. Um…Sachi Sano, am I correct?”

Sachi couldn’t believe her ears when Uruha gave her such wonderful compliments about her writing. It touched her heart more after mentioning her words being truthful. It was true that she received good comments about her writing style and the way she conducted herself from other people. But she never knew the other’s comment would be THAT genuine.

“Y-Yes,” Sachi stammered. “I’m just surprised that you still remember a plain Jane like me.”

The new clothing style on Sachi looked amazing to Uruha. Yet something else came to his mind rather quickly. More compliments would have to wait. “I never forget a reporter’s face, especially yours,” he said. “I was wondering if you would like to have a drink at my place. Maybe we can do some catching up then?”

The former reporter had never been invited to a man’s place before, unless if it involved a parent’s friend. But this was a private function! Her cheeks turned bright pink, unintentionally displayed in Uruha’s observant sight. Before she had an answer to this sudden offer, she wondered if anyone else was going to be present. Awkward senses had set in, and thought if being inside his house would be safe.

“I don’t want to impose or any—“

“There’s nothing to worry about,” Uruha reassured. “You’re the first person I had ever invited to my home in a while.”

The comforting statements made her fears settle a bit as she smiled. “I’ll have to think about it first. I’m not sure what my schedule is going to look like tomorrow.”

Uruha put the heavy case down briefly in order to take out a pen and a piece of paper. He wrote down the address of his residency before handing it to Sachi.

“You have all night tonight,” Uruha said. “I’ll be home all day tomorrow.”

Sachi gave Uruha a stunned look while holding the address. She watched Uruha hoist the handle of his case and went home with a small smirk on his features.

The next night, Sachi headed over to her brand new destination: Uruha’s home. Wearing a pair of black dress pants with a matching leather jacket; her hair was somewhat frizzed up. The nerves on her body were just the same. Part of her strands stood straight up, without the assistance of gel or hairspray. Her modeling job was hectic earlier.

By the time she arrived at the building, she sucked in a breath. In her beating mind, her consciousness helped her count to five in prior to letting all the air she inhaled out. Unfortunately the nerves shook more within, however, there was a bit of confidence in her to knock on Uruha’s wooden door.

She heard a couple of weighty footsteps growing louder by the moment. That was until the door had been opened. When she got a good gander at her host, if felt like a fantasy of hers coming to life.

Uruha stood there in front of the black-clad lady in awe. “Hello, Sachi,” he greeted happily. He straightened out his hair by slicking it back with his bare hands. “Sorry about the mess on my end…” he later spoke about his appearance. Pausing for a moment, he viewed the strands sticking up and out of Sachi’s head. “I guess you’re just as nervous as I am? And you look nice.”

Sachi noticed Uruha’s strands of hair scarcely standing out now. Those loose locks on him strangely made her feel comfortable, and being naturally able to calm her heartbeat. She giggled some, “I’m more nervous than you are. And thank you. You do too.”

“Come on in.” Uruha ushered her in kindly by the hand. “Make yourself comfortable.”

Sachi took off her shoes and went further inside to examine the living room. The home Uruha lived in seemed more like a rich person’s apartment located in an urban area. It wasn’t too cramped, but not to spacey either. She rarely saw herself as materialistic, but the items Uruha owned impressed her instantly. Everything about the living room and the kitchen area behind it fit the contemporary lifestyle of today’s society. Feeling like a middle-class princess turned out to be something she would have never anticipated. This had to be some sort of fairytale, she pondered. A life of luxury only the pretty looking people deserved.

“What would you like to drink, Sachi?” Uruha asked her.

The guitarist’s query snapped her back to reality, glancing at the neatly dressed man. “I’d like some champagne, if you have any,” she responded, finally getting comfortable on the dark brown leather sofa.

“One glass of champagne for the lovely lady coming right up!” Uruha took out two glasses from the cabinet, pouring one for Sachi and another for himself. Setting the opened bottle down, he picked up the filled glasses, joining her on the couch.

“Here you are,” he said, handing her a glass.

“Thank you,” Sachi took hers, sipping the bubbling liquid.

“So, are you still working as a writer for SHOXX?” Uruha wondered.

Sachi shook her head no. “I no longer work for that company.”

Uruha was surprised to hear the reply before lightly chugging on his beverage. “That’s really too bad since you’re one of my favorite reporters.” He saw the cute blush on the female’s face. “Why did you leave?”

“Thank you again for your kind words,” she said. “I wanted to pursue other interests. The clothes I’m wearing now happen to be a part of my modeling schedule.” Taking an even lighter sip of her champagne, she sighed a bit after. “I also have dreams of being a J-Pop singer. So I had to choose between the ones I wanted to follow or stay in a place where I really don’t belong.”

Her fingers both intertwined and fidgeted with the glass. A tinge of question came in, wondering why Sachi was opening up to him this way. She wasn’t one who’d like to share secrets or desires with just anyone. Then she noticed Uruha staring at her. That kind of stare, which was an amorous one, was beginning to make her feel uncomfortable. Unlike some women, she despised being stared at, no matter what kind of stare it turned out to be.

“Uruha, what’s wrong?” asked a shaken Sachi.

“Please…call me Kouyou,” the other spoke in a slightly sultry tone, leaning closer to an uneasy Sachi. “Do I make you nervous?”

Sachi didn’t want to be rude to the one who gave her such good hospitality. But lying to him would only make her feel worse than ever. “I…” A pause, yet there was a swift recovery in what she had to say. “I don’t like to be stared at, Kouyou…”

“Even if it’s from someone you know?”

She nodded. “I am far from pretty in comparison to the other girls. And when I speak, I don’t sound normal… And whenever I do something good for people, I always mess it up. I wouldn’t be surprised if you find me ugly too. I’m not even perfect…”

What Sachi said to Uruha about herself shocked him. It hurt even more when she thought of him finding her ugly. That was a lot of bull. He really didn’t like it when anyone would make such assumptions about him or his thoughts. But he realized that Sachi was such a sweet and enjoyable person to be around, regardless of whatever physical flaws she claimed to possess. He found her extremely beautiful on the inside.

“Sachi,” Uruha began as he touched her cheek. “You are far from ugly, and I mean that. I’m just upset about you thinking that I think you’re ugly.”

“I’m sorry, Kouyou…” Sachi spoke, her voice filled with remorse. “It’s just that—“

Uruha silenced Sachi by bring her closer to him, locking her in a warm embrace. Seeing the stillness in the auburn-brown haired lady’s face, he finished his statement. “If I found you ugly in any level, I would have never invited you over, let alone talk to you. I believe you’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever met.”

A small gasp escaped Sachi. “Kouyou…do you really mean that?”

He smiled, “Let me show you…”

The man’s lips were just a centimeter away from hers. His curiosity was settled when he sealed her lips with his, not leaving any room for Sachi to protest. Her skin tasted like champagne and strawberry cream from her lip gloss, only leaving him with wanting more.

A small tear of happiness fell from Sachi’s cheek, returning the affectionate kiss. She never expected him to be so bold. But it felt more than just what many called a complicated remedy.

So this is what love feels like, she thought in joy while basking into the passionate kiss.

Uruha reluctantly broke the moment when he pulled away. He could see the disappointment on Sachi’s face. “Ever since that interview, I wanted to get to know you better…” he confessed. “And I’m glad that I did, because I really do believe that I found my one true love.”

His declaration was sudden to the woman. But she also found it glorious and surprising all at once.

“This really makes me happy,” she smiled softly, “because I find you to be my ideal knight in shining armor. Sounds corny, doesn’t it?”

Uruha laughed and took a glimpse at the time. He never knew it was going to be so late. “Will you stay with me tonight, Sachi?” he asked, gazing at her.

Sachi pondered about this new offer, especially when it came to staying out too late. But her heart was beating several beats per minute, practically begging her to spend more time with Uruha. No. Kouyou. Even her mind and body both felt the need to remain by his side. Staying the night was definitely certain.

“Yes…” Sachi replied. “I’ll stay with you forever.”

“Let’s make it really official.”

“How do you mean?”

Uruha stood up from his seat and immediately lifted Sachi off her seat with his strong arms. He chuckled after hearing a small, yet excitable yelp from her. He walked his way to the bedroom with Sachi over his shoulder, closing and locking the door behind them.

Their moment together was about to become even more intimate.


This was actually written as a request, but I wanted to write something that could be seen as uplifting and positive. I'm glad I was able to write it all without a whole lot of trouble. :) Feedback is appreciated, as long as it's constructive.